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It’s time to Boost your Opt-Ins and Fast-Track your Workflow. These Editable Canva Lead Magnet Templates are Designed for Modern Ladypreneurs Who Want to Save Time and Reach Their Target Audience Quick.
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Perfect for Any Niche and Industry

Made for Ladypreneurs, Bloggers, and Creators

Fully Customizable to Your Brand Message

Instant Download
to Your Device

Unlimited Use for Any Number of Projects

Purchase Once. Reuse Forever.

Suitable for Any Industry and Any Niche

Expand your list of potential clients with professional and high-quality digital products that will establish your credibility.

Easily Customize Colors, Fonts and Images to Match Your Brand

Editing my graphics on the Canva platform is a
no-brainer, even if you have no design skills.

"Literally HOURS of work already done for me! Best buy for my business!! thank you so much!!!!!!"

— Julie H. ★★★★★

Boost your Brand
with Valuable Resources

Reward your audience with engaging and relevant information.

Seal Your Authority in
Your Industry and Niche

Be the go-to person in your field with value-packed digital content.

Turn Social Media
Followers Into Customers

Boost your email list, gain more leads, and increase your tribe of clients.

Create a Solid
List-Building Strategy

Launch your email marketing campaign with content that your customers will value

Save Time, Money,
and Effort

Focus on what you do
best - helping your potential clients and expanding your business.

Accelerate your
Success Story

Think like a Lady, Kick Off like a Boss with high-quality offers that deliver results.

This is for YOU if...

… You want your target audience to OPT-IN to your EMAIL LIST through interesting and valuable LEAD MAGNETS, but YOU

Don’t know where or how to start!
Have no time (or skills) to design an ebook, workbook, cheat sheet, guide-to or challenge checklist.
Are hesitant to spend thousands on a professional designer who may not “get” your brand vision.
Can’t seem to entice your tribe to hit the subscribe button.

Looking for a simpler, faster and more affordable way to produce digital products for your Lead Magnets?

This is it! Now, you can...

Stop wasting time designing from scratch. Not only is it tough but also totally unnecessary.
Skip the learning exercises. Becoming a professional graphic artist is not your career path.
End your experiments with colors and fonts. This time-consuming activity does not even guarantee positive results.
Omit the spending on freelancers. Redirect your money to marketing and promotions instead.

Imagine how successful your business will be if you could...

Create Lead Magnets with content so valuable that your audience would gladly exchange their email address for it
Spend less time designing digital products and devote more hours growing your business and nurturing your clients
Give away tools and resources your potential customers badly need, and build your brand identity at the same time
Own a world-class library of unlimited assets for your email marketing with endless options of graphic elements

Get Instant Access to 97 Proven and Priceless Done-for-You Lead Magnet Canva Templates

Specially Designed for Ladypreneurs in Any Industry and Any Niche

"This kit is absolutely beautiful and very useful! A must have if you want to build an effective personal branding. It's helping me to grow my Instagram followers but not only. I'm growing a real community!"

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I created these templates to help Lady Business Owners just like you

If you don’t have designer skills, or the time to create graphics,

This top-selling product has helped thousands of Ladypreneurs (with little or no design skills) produce stunning digital resources in just a few hours.

My Canva design pack will grow your mailing list, enhance your brand image, and skyrocket your sales.

How it Works

Access Instantly

You get a downloadable PDF file with direct links to your Canva templates.


Edit any template of your choice by switching fonts, colors, images, and other graphic elements.

Add Content

Type in or copy and paste your text, replace the images with your photos, and use your logo in strategic places.

Download and Share

When done, download your finished material in PDF format and send it to your subscribers!

What's Included?

A PDF file with direct links to 97 unique Lead Magnet Canva templates specifically designed to boost opt-ins.
PLUS Free Access to Updates!

Grab Your Audience’s Attention

Your lead magnet starts here! Whet their appetite with a simple but eye-catching layout that tells them the best is yet to come.

Build Your Subscribers’ Trust

Let them know that you value their personal information and respect their privacy through a professionally designed acknowledgement page.

Make Your Tribe Feel Important

Because they are. A well thought out salute in an expertly laid out composition will affirm that they made the right choice.

Personify Your Brand

Introduce yourself and your team to new members to assure them that you are relatable, available and accessible.

Wow Your Potential Clients

Start off on the right foot with your ebook, workbook, course or recipe book using an image and header that shows you mean business.

Engage Your Members

Provide a printable list of exercises they can use to apply the principles and actions you teach for their personal or business objectives.

Be on Top-of-Mind with Your Mailing List

These practical lead magnets will help them feel your presence as they stay on track, and will serve as a tangible badge of achievement. Also in printable format.

Their Questions, Your Answers

Establish your brand as an authority in your industry or niche by compiling a list of solutions to your audience’s pain points.

Share Your Knowledge

Even a short list of steps, resources or apps will go a long way in driving results for your subscribers’ businesses.

Help Your Prospects Implement Strategies

A quick reference, glossary of terms, or short summary of your course which will encourage them to purchase your products and services.

Promote Your Products and Services

Inform your subscribers about the different ways you can help them succeed. Use this template as an addendum to every lead magnet you create or as an email attachment.

Browse Exclusive Deals to Speed up your Workflow

Over 70% of marketers use visuals in their marketing strategy. Consistency is key. Create designer-quality content consistently.

Use my Lead Magnet Canva Templates so YOU can Deliver More While Working Less.

No more countless hours wasted on creating Lead Magnet graphics by yourself
Spend less time designing and more time marketing your business
Deliver your offers in just a few hours using a newbie-friendly platform
Never run out of material. Use the templates for paid products, too
Say goodbye to the frustration and the stress of producing unique content once and for all
Step up your List-Building game even without expert design skills
Boost your opt-ins with visually appealing rewards
Build your brand identity through professional and credible content

Customizing My Templates in Canva is Easy!

NO learning curves. NO graphic skills required.

Who is this for?

Ladypreneurs, Coaches.
Small Business Owners, SM Managers.
Consultants. Real Estate.
Influencers, Creators,
and Podcasters.
Educators, Digital Product Sellers.

Ready to Join the Tribe & Level Up Your Online Biz?

"these templates made my life sooooo much easier!" ★★★★★
Regular $197 (Save $150)
1 Brand
18 About Me/Us
3 Cheatsheets
15 Checklists
16 Complete Guide/ Toolkit
5 Q&A / FAQ Forms
2 Services Package
3 Sign Up Page
18 Title Page
7 Welcome Pages
Unlimited Graphics for your Clients
Unlimited Clients
18 About Me/Us
3 Cheatsheets
15 Checklists
16 Complete Guide/ Toolkit
5 Q&A / FAQ Forms
2 Services Package
3 Sign Up Paga
18 Title Page
7 Welcome Pages

"I wish I knew about these templates sooner"

— Andrea W. ★★★★★

This is What You'll Get

950+ unique engagement boosting Canva templates in different categories designed to get you results! (+ Free Updates!)


Open your lead magnet with a bang with a simple but eye-catching
layout that promises more to look forward to


Professionally acknowledge their subscription and guarantee
their privacy


Affirm that they made the right choice with an expertly laid out
salute that makes them feel welcome


Assure new members that behind your brand are relatable and
accessible human beings


Show potential clients you mean business with lead magnets that
begin with a skillfully designed page


Enumerate topics in an organized, seamless layout that can be
comprehended at a glance


Add captivating images with captions to sustain your 

readers’ attention


A invaluable printable list of exercises that can be applied to
business or personal life


Guide and encourage your followers to stay on track
to reach their goals


Provide a list of solutions to your audience’s issues and
pain points


Share a list of steps, resources or apps to help subscribers
get results in their businesses


A quick reference, glossary of terms, or short summary
of your course


Upsell your paid offers in a subtle way with a sample of your work


Promote your products and services in a one-page template
you can add to lead magnets or attach to emails

Ready to Join the Tribe & Level Up Your Online Biz?

"these templates made my life sooooo much easier!" ★★★★★
Regular $197 (Save $150)
Unlimited Graphics for your Clients

Start Creating Stunning Lead Magnet Graphic Designs in Very Little Time!

Why would you waste precious hours (or days) generating Lead Magnet Graphics from scratch? Invest your time in growing your business instead!


How do I access my templates?

After purchasing the templates, all you need to do is create a Canva account either on your mobile device or computer. There, you will be able to access all of the Canva templates you purchased and edit them accordingly.

What software do I need to edit the templates?

The best part is that you don’t need any special software in order to use Canva. The website is available as an app for Android and Apple devices, as well as an app for Windows and iOS computers, making it easier than ever to make your templates into something that will make your business visuals go from mediocre to mind blowing. In fact, over 70% of marketers use visuals in their marketing strategy, which is why we tried to make it as easy and accessible as possible to use our templates.

Are the images included?

Yes, all pictures used in this pack have a license that allow redistribution.

Do I need a Canva subscription?

No paid Canva subscription is required. In fact, the template will work with both free and Canva pro accounts. All you need to do is create a FREEaccount on and you’re good to go.

What can I customize?

Everything. You can choose the color scheme, edit the text, design your own infographic templates, and so much more. In essence, you can make the templates entirely your own and suitable to the needs and requirements of your brand. You can make them as creative and colorful as possible, too.

Contact and Support?

My team is ready and willing to answer any questions you may have. Feel free to send us an email at

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