Client Goodbye Packet Canva Template

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Send off your clients with a satisfactory experience with this Client Goodbye Packet Canva Template.

Allow them to feel entirely secure with your products and help them achieve their goals.

Leave them with no questions in their heads and awe about what they just got.

Instant Download | No Paid Canva Account Needed | Fully Customizable.


  • 4 Cover Pages
  • 2 Thank you Pages
  • 2 Client Gift
  • 2 Achievement Recap
  • 2 Client Resources
  • 3 Testimonials
  • 2 Feedback Request
  • 3 Quote Pages
  • 3 Promotion Pages
  • 2 Referral Program Invite
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  2. You only need a Free Canva Account.
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Client Goodbye Packet Canva Template